Ball Wall

One of the best game choices for the playtime is here at Gogy land! Let's have fun with this addictive game that can be played by kids of all ages: Ball Wall! Your only task is to keep the ball moving by taking advantage of the walls. Your ball will automatically move in a random direction in a playground that is covered with walls. Since the walls are scattered at different locations, you need to navigate these walls, open new intercept to allow the ball to go through safely. If the ball touches any obstacle or block, the game will be over.

Like any other repetitive game type, it's best if you can claim the highest scores in one turn. The higher your scores are, the more chances for you to feature on the Leaderboard alongside other amazing players at gogy school Games for kids Thanks to the arcade graphics and vibrant neon color, your experience with this game will enhance greatly. Find a friend to enjoy the fun thrilling experience of saving the balls with a single touch and explore the levels here!

Moreover, you can learn how to navigate a fast-moving ball, find the loophole to pass the level and train your flexibility while controlling the balls. Who will be the best controller in the maze full of walls? Don't miss out on plenty of new games for free such as Kings of Snakes and Minigolf Master from our collection.

Instruction to play:

 Use the mouse to choose and move the walls.