Tank Mayhem

Tank games always bring the elements of excitement, power, and high intensity due to the fierce competition that requires to win the game. Don't let any other tank drop explosives, bombs, or shoot bullets to yours in this Gogy shooting game called Tank Mayhem! More than just any ordinary tank games where you have to go head to head with multiple CPUs or multiple players online, this time, feel free to invite your best friend and share the game.

Or choose the 1-player mode and learn the tricks from your famous opponent, the computer. Calculate the strategy and the steps wisely so that the difficulty levels decrease a little bit. Our tip for you is to spend time coming up with good strategies as well as trying to estimate and predict the other players' movements. The one who manages to avoid the attacks and find out the creative ways to defeat others will claim the victory in this game from http://gogy.games/ much faster. The cool thing about this game that no other game has is the special feature of allowing you to set the target.

For example, if you set the target as 5 scores, the player who reaches that certain number of scores first shall win the game. Moreover, every time a player gains 1 point, prepare for the map to change dramatically. Spice things up with more fighting games like Vikings Vs Skeletons and Bowmastery Zombies with new and unique features! 

Instruction to play:

Move using the mouse or arrow keys, shoot using V key.