It's all about precision and timing in this Gogy 4 kid game: Grappler with the main theme of shooting! Different targets come with unique distances, difficult layouts, as well as tons of traps in-between. You will complete all the goals on each level of this online game to demonstrate your adaptability and skillfulness when it comes to the art of grappling! A variety of skills regarding controlling the weapons will be required to survive this intense battle.

It might range from shooting, throwing guns, chopping objects, and climbing on towers, but the overall difficulty level will be a bit high. Learn how to enhance your shooting techniques in this newly recreated shooting game with the strangest challenges. The rule of the game requires players to control and chose the right placement for their weapons. Put the gun in the right spots before rotating or carrying out other actions using it.

You also need to solve all the grapple or puzzles with new methods to experience a new generation of gunplay. Throwing the guns is one thing, but controlling them during the matches will be another quest. Tap onto this game with such a simple gameplay and the most realistic graphics for a shooting game.

Feel free to go through different settings shown on each stage where the players are required to shoot without a mistake. Can you demonstrate your precision when it comes to being under pressure in this new game at Upgrade your method of shooting to accommodate new challenges during your journey and survive the other battles with other games such as Spider Swing Manhattan!


Instruction to play:

Move using the WASD keys,

use the spacebar to jump,

left mouse to throw the grapple, right click to move,

shift to cut the grapple.