The Hours

How did you learn to read the hours on the clock when you were a kid? Did your parents teach you using a true clock and rotate the hands? Nowadays, we provide plenty of new teaching and learning methods for kids to enjoy their educational time, even for such a small subject such as identifying the hours. Come to Gogy new game for kids called The Hours to use this game as a method for kids to learn how to read different hours and minutes on a daily basis. It's a simple arcade game in which there will be a time number appearing on the top of each question.

The mission for the players in this game is to look at the three given clock and decide which clock shows the time as mentioned above. The clock will be in the format of a classic clock with two hands, the hour and the minute hand. As the game gets harder through the levels, you will find that the clock hands turn to harder positions. These positions might be harder to read as they are close to each other or not at the rounded positions.

Keep on practicing and you will master the art of reading hours on the clock soon enough. There is no limitation on how long you can think, so it's a perfect relaxing mode for kids to optimize their learning capacity without any pressure. On the higher stages of this game from, there will be the appearance of either more clock or more hands to make it confusing.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the clock to choose and on the arrows to interact.