Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is one of the best fighting games that have been recently added to our new Gogy fighting game collection. There are a lot of different warriors participating in these dark-themed fights to claim the winning title of the most competitive fighting tournament, but only one strong player can survive the heat and win. Let's showcase your kick, punch, slap, and numerous other skills with this online game now!

These fighters take turns joining different fights and matches at night with the same goal of getting the top ranking. You will go up against eight different players in multiple cross-over matches. Slowly progress through the game and conquer it without being kicked or hit! As it's a championship, the game ends when there's one winning player showing up.

The matches take place in all kinds of places with different backgrounds and unique settings for exploration. Challenge in the dark where the toughest players will bring out the best of your techniques. Display the most decisive and proficient moves in order to find the loophole and throw the punches at other enemies.

The most simple gameplay with amazing graphics and beautifully made animation is going to bring new territories and methods of playing to enhance your experience! Don't forget to bring out your gained experience and let the world know your top strength as well as your interactive skills. Feel free to explore new worlds and different types of fights with more games like Tiny Landlord or Soul and Dragon, free of cost for kids of all ages here at

Instruction to play:

Control and move the character using WASD keys, punch using F, G, H, kick using the C key.

Player 2 plays using arrow keys, punch using U, I, and O, and kick with K, and L keys.