Donut Crash Saga

Donut Crash Saga throws a new selection for the fans of arcade games into the bunches of Gogy fun game for free that tons of kids from all over the world have enjoyed throughout the quarantine season. Don't miss out on the fast-paced and exciting game where you need to get all the possible rows of donuts. The different flavors of donuts will be placed randomly on the board, therefore, your job is to arrange and swap the two pieces closeby to make a series of three pieces or more.

The more pieces there are in your row, the higher your reward will be. If you can become the player with the highest possible score, the top position on the Leaderboard shall be yours! At, besides searching for the possible rows, you also need to look out for the scale. In case the scale falls too low to the left or the right, your turn will be over immediately.

Enjoy the lovely summer theme and bright graphics in this game that bring out the most relaxing moments. Share with your friends to find out who will be able to claim the highest scores possible without failing even once! Pay extra attention to the blocks with boosters or the time icon since they will be a great help for your upcoming harder levels.

Don't waste too much time observing, just start clicking right away! Be ready to spice up the summertime with tons of free games like Mummy Candy Treasure and Candy Shop Sweets Maker that can be played anywhere! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to swap.