Boxes Wizard 2

Keep your eyes on the prize in this game of Boxes Wizard 2, one of our latest thrilling sequels which will bring plenty of new challenges, harder quest, and lots of fun moments to your gaming session! Emerge in this 2D pixel art platform world and find your way out of the maze as a wizard with powers. The two most crucial elements that you will be in charge of will be teleportation and box-pushing power. Manipulate these two powers with finesse and you will be able to conquer the list of 40 challenging levels as soon as you like.

The levels are filled with puzzles that require a bit of brainstorming to crack. Your objective is to learn how to swap the positioning of the boxes and make sure that the new arrangement creates new paths to overcome obstacles. As easy as it sounds, there will be floating fireballs, gaps, holes, and lots of monsters standing in your way. Figure out the best movement to gather the gems while moving toward the finish line as well! Thanks to the retro-inspired graphics that are colorful to the eyes and immersive gameplay, there's no doubt that your adventure here will be quite an exciting one.

Follow the in-game tutorial if this is your first time entering the game and you will soon master new mechanics with the practicing tasks. Be prepared to face tougher challenges and demonstrate the power of gathering victorious status using your magical skills! If you love this pixel genre with a hint of adventure, why don't you take the time off to check out this new choice like Solitaire Daily Challenge and 1010 Treasure Rush from our list at ?

Instruction to play:

Use the A and D keys or left and right arrows to move.

Use the W key or up arrow to jump.