Giant Race

Gogy 2022 is a new collection filled with a variety of new games, each with unique gameplay and themes for your exploration. For the fans of io games that come with 3D graphics, this new gaming choice of Giant Race will be a great option thanks to the hyper-casual styling. Come to learn how to control your unique character and move to not only pass all obstacles on the road but also to recruit more characters similar to yours.

The more you gather, the higher the chance of winning you will get. To be able to defeat the boss in the final fights at the end of the road, your character needs to be grown enough with decent size and damage range. This game is all about controlling your characters, gathering companions, choosing the right lanes, and avoiding obstacles while managing the remaining time limit. To keep gathering more characters, you need to avoid the characters with different colors from yours.

Move on the straight lanes and avoid slipping off the edge of the platform. Your gained characters will determine your strength when it comes to the final combat with the final boss. Let's grab a friend of yours and compete in this free game to see who can bring the best record to the game's Leaderboard! Just simply move from the left to the right side of the screen and dodge when you see obstacles or enemies come close.

Don't crash into the different colored characters or else your team will be ruined! Other online games like Bouncing Egg from will bring more joyful moments and fabulous thrilling games to your experience, so take the time and discover them now! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen using the left mouse, hold and drag to move the character from the left to the right.