Fabby Golf!

Enjoy the virtual 3D version of this arcade game Fabby Golf! with the main theme of golf for kids here at Gogy land! Not only will you get the chance to dive into an amazing arcade-style 3D game but you can also experience one of the best gameplay for golf lovers! Test both the aiming skills and the ability to control the slightest direction in this interactive sports game.

The main objective remains the same as other real-life golf games, which is to hit the ball into all the holes as required. Depending on the levels, the number of attempts will vary as well as the difficulty level. There's no need to reach your goal with the least number of attempts, however, all golf balls need to be put into the holes. Failing the first or second attempt is no big deal as this game allows you to freely retry and practice until you can hit the ball precisely.

Understanding the mechanism of the golf stick will be beneficial for your final result in this game as it resembles the rule of a slingshot. Do your best to estimate and adjust the angle as well as the pushing force to reach the hole. Too much or too little strength will not be efficient in putting the golf ball into the holes, therefore, keep your focus and make sure to pass the levels with your talents.

The more obstacles there are on the levels, the harder it is to aim and hit accurately. Increase your chance of hitting the holes precisely throughout the levels with your practice! Plenty of other similar-themed games also with main sports gameplay such as Pinball World Cup from https://gogy.games/ will rock your playtime for sure, so don't hesitate to pay them a visit!

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button and hold to aim, release to hit.