Shuigo 2

Matching games like Shuigo 2 will be constantly updated with new twists, harder challenges, and better graphics to upgrade your gaming time and create the most memorable experience when it's come to gaming in Gogy 2021! Bring your ability to spot similar items and conquer every possible pair of matching pieces in this free puzzle game! The rule is similar to other ordinary jigsaw or puzzle 3-matching games, however, prepare yourself for more time-constraining tasks and cuter characters!

You will take a look at a huge board filled with many different characters, icons, images with the theme of Shuigo. In this sequel, the characters and items are much more adorable and they scattered randomly around the board. It's your job to match two images in the same pair using the lines. However, keep in mind that you can only collect them when your line has fewer than 3 breaks, which means that the two items have to be close enough.

Moreover, if one of the two pieces in the selected pair is hidden or stacked by another piece, you will not be able to guarantee a 2-break-line, which will not be helpful if you are trying to collect the pairs. This game tests not only your ability to observe, coordinate hand and eye but also patience for solving problems and puzzles similar to this type. With a bit of experience when dealing with this genre of games, you will be able to conquer much harder tasks later in advanced gaming options.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to select and drag to connect two pieces.