Pigeons Pigeons

Pigeons Pigeons is the new game from our newly updated list and will be a good choice for you to enjoy with your friends in the playtime! Pigeons are evading the Earth in this game of Gogy 2021, and we are looking for the best shooters to not only take down the pigeons but also do it from a distance. They pose a great threat to the safety of humankind but it's quite difficult to take them down with a limited number of bullets.

There have been lots of players who can successfully erase them from the earth, but will your record be the best one so far? If you are a fan of shooting games, grab the gun and make sure that you aim correctly before taking any hit. There are only a few bullets, each for one pigeon in one level, so there's no room to waste.

If you get the basics of the game and are ready to grab the shotgun to free the world, hit this game now! How good is your shooting game when having to deal with these pigeons? In the first few easy levels, they are scattered moderately and don't move at all. It will be harder when you get to the point when you have to aim at moving pigeons but use your gained experience to do the work properly.

There are 30 levels in total, but you only have one shotgun for usage. Think of the best way and strategy for aiming and tackling different types of pigeons with destructible objects. Keep your focus and make a remarkable ending! Other shooting games such as Linquest from https://gogy.games/ have unique gameplay and different version of themes for your exploration later!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Tap on the screen or click when the viewfinder reaches the pigeons.