Greedy Rabbit 2

Greedy Rabbit 2 will be a soothing option for your summer game collection thanks to the adorable 2D graphics, green-filled platform, and theme where you will control the movement of the rabbit. Make it run through the final gate to get to the next levels without any hesitation! The first thing to do is to find the location of the invisible gate by capturing two or three glowing stars. If you can't gather more than two stars, the gate will not open for you to enter the new stage.

The rabbit's goal on each platform is to run as fast as he can, locate the vegetables to consume them, find the stars, and move to the door. Can you see the clock on the top left corner of the game screen? It will calculate the number of seconds that you took to make the moves throughout the whole level, and the numbers will be in detail. For example, you took 10.6 seconds to pass level 2. There is a total of 45 levels to complete while being on this journey, will your rabbit be able to make it to the 45th stage without failing one of them?

When you first control the movement of the rabbit, you will find that he is very fast and has flexible movement. Jump up and down, hop from the left to the right and even climb up the tall walls. The best players shall be the ones who can take advantage of all those movements and combine them to reach the highest points. In this game at, we recommend the players to keep progressing by climbing up one by one.

Don't be hasty and try again should you fail one stage because only repetitive effort can pay off and improve your skills. Feel free to try more games such as Catch The Thief 3D and Walk Master without a cost! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag or use the arrow keys to control the rabbit.