Pirate Adventure

Christopher - the first pirate ever needs your help to get to the location of the lost treasure. The only piece of information that he has is that the treasure is placed somewhere on the island. In order to get to it, you will have to comply with some of the requirements from Blackbeard - the owner of the island. 6 map pieces are required to combine and create one whole map that can assist you in the quest of searching for Blackbeard. First, you will need to talk to other pirates on the island to learn some tips for solving the riddles and quizzes. Some will ask you to assist them with fishing, making money, gathering wood for creating shelter, boats, and such, while some others will give you a quiz that needs solving.

The first mission that most players will have to encounter in this Gogy interactive game online is the mission to catch five fishes and three sharks. After you finish it, the pirate in charge will teach you an equation that can help solve Blackbeard's riddles. Gathering all the pieces, equations, tips, and knowledge from the nice pirates on the island will help you a lot in solving the big puzzles at the endgame.

Most of them are math puzzles that will contribute to disclosing more pieces on the overall map of the island, which can point to the location of the treasure. Interactions are crucial in this simulation game, and the more people you manage to help, the more pieces you have to conquer your goal. The green arrow will show you the location of the people you need to interact with next.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD keys or arrows to move, interact with characters using E.