Hanger is the totally awesome arcade game which you can play on gogy wonderful games online for free. The game requires you to be ingenious and grab the suitable chance to act. If you are a big fan of Spiderman, let’s try out this game in which you have the special ability like Spiderman: swinging through the air and hanging out in the sky.

It is your duty to control a ragdoll character. You can create the rope that attaches to the ceiling. Then the rope can help you swing from a position to the next one and keep you airborne while navigating the level. There are many obstacles in your way such as the spikes, they are suspended along the way in gogy interesting games.

You have to get to swing like Spiderman through the air avoiding these dangerous obstacles to travel as far as you can. Your timing of when you choose to shoot your rope and your way you balance play the important roles in your success. If you press too early or too late and you will be too high or too low resulting in body parts being lost! The further you go, the more impediments you get and the level progressively gets harder to beat your high score. Try your best to pass the obstacles safely and hit the sweet spot.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click to attach a rope.