LOL Surprise Protest

The next segment in the exclusive series of LOL Surprise Games that you used to enjoy in Gogy land has now continued with the new option! Your job will keep going on with a new theme. The friends in this game are going to participate in the next protest which is for a better cause on the streets. They need your help to create the best outfits and the best combination of accessories and additional items for making the perfect overall vibe.

It should be able to fit the image of the dolls and well-known figures in such important protests like this. What will you combine and let them wear for today’s awareness walk? This remains a simple dress up and makeup game but with a unique vibe and special storyline that will keep you hooked for a long time. Use your imagination and the fashion skills to come up with the best choices.

From cool and hip hop-styled tops, baggy jeans to the Chelsea boots, all of them are available for your option in this game. Don't let them wear the same clothes since it will not make a strong impact while roaming the streets. Since their goals are to appear aggressive and strong, take advantage of the use of accessories to emphasize on that side. If you want to change to don't feel that the final results are good, feel free to replay or choose the outfit again from scratch.

There is no limitation on how many times the kids can enjoy this game on the website of, therefore, you can invite tons of your friends to share the idea of mixing and matching the clothes. If fashion games are your favorites, we would like to invite you to enjoy other good gaming selections like Chef Kids

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left button to choose and move the clothing pieces.