Knight In Hell

Another io game with an adventure theme and such an elaborate storyline has been added to the free gaming collection here at Gogy action games, where you will get the chance to try and make it through the path filled with monsters. The dark dungeons and mazes will be your platform. This game's goal is all about trying to stay alive and surviving through the journey to rescue your loved ones. As the soul of your lover is captured in this dark dungeon, you will have to go through the toughest obstacles and hellish layout to get her out of eternal suffering!

Beware of monsters, strange creatures, hordes of the undead, and plenty of other scary and dangerous animals. Don't forget to look out for the random obelisks as these shall give you powers and unlock new choices of weapons. You will be moving from the starting point to the destination of the trip, however, a single miscalculation or bad estimation might easily cost you your life. We invite the best fighter and the most flexible action gamers to overcome these challenges for the top spots on the Leaderboard! When hundreds of monsters are arriving and attacking at the same time, how are you planning to exterminate them with your limited resources?

Learn how to navigate the dungeons with the in-game controls and shoot or attack the monsters with the remaining hand. Plenty of gaming combinations such as Smash All These F Animals or Stickmen Crowd Fight will be available with our gaming list at , so check them out when you have the time. This type of game will test your focus, commanding skills, and reflexes while being under pressure. Practice and enhance a bit of your action-based game skill set to win more challenges!

Instruction to play:

use the mouse to navigate and move.