Water Slice 3D

As summer is coming to Gogy 2019, gather some of your friends to join this free online 3D game that is designed specifically for the summertime! The best place to have fun in this scorching heat is definitely the waterpark. In this game, the players can have fun while controlling a character sliding down a refreshing water slide. Your job will include dodging the obstacles, gathering the special items on the way and reaching the finish line. Can you be the first one to finish all the available shapes of water slides?

Some of the prominent items that you might find on your way are the coins and energy drinks. Use these to purchase more cool features, unlock brand new characters, update your rafts and more at the store at http://gogy.games/. There are tons of levels, each with its own difficulty level and its own set of missions. If you manage to be the first one to complete the levels, you can top the Leaderboard and call yourself the king or queen of the waterslides!

A tip for the new players is to find the loopholes in the slides. The holes allow you to pop up in another place, which helps you to finish the journey much faster. Underwater entertainment activities in other games like Speed Brazil and Downtown 1930s Mafia are also the first choice for many people every summer, so check them out now! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrow to move on the slides.