Ninja In Cape

Ninja In Cape brings a new chance for the fans of ninja games to explore the world full of challenges and new tasks for a new ninja to conquer! Are you ready to ace this journey full of action and adrenaline with the top-notch gameplay for both boys and girls? A total of 20 adventurous levels, each with its unique task and missions that will be undeniably good for your skills and techniques.

First, learn how to move through the roof, the platform with the right movement. Not only will you have to control the movement of the character but you will also have to try to defeat all enemies as soon as they appear. There are lots of high-quality weapons but at the beginning of the game, the only option that you can use is the basic one. Gain more scores and money to upgrade, purchase the new version, and become the player with the best set of weapons!

Pay attention to the objects that show up on your path. Jump over the gaps, slide down the narrow path, hit the enemies, and discover the hidden gifts and rewards using the best gaming experience of yours! If you love the thrilling and high-paced adventure, this one shall be qualified for your enjoyment. Don't forget that there are more than just basic ninja tasks in this game.

Keep improving your skills to win over the hardest task that requires better coordination of reflex, movement, swiftness, as well as strength. How long will it take for you to defeat the final boss in the top-tier levels? It takes some serious work to overcome the minions before meeting him, so stay focused to go a long way in this game! More fun options like Super Lule vs Zombies can be your go-to games today at gogy games online !

Instruction to play:

Play with A and D keys or arrow keys.