Diamond Colors Art

Diamond Colors Art is the new version of painting in which the painters just need to simply fill the colored diamonds into the canvas. Depending on the original sample that you pick, create a new masterpiece using the marked pattern and colored diamonds! In this Gogy fun game, you will find a list of so many pictures in the style of pixelated theme. Once you pick one of them, your task will be to recreate the same picture using the diamonds.

Put the colored diamonds to their right place using the marked number of the tiles and arrange them. It takes some effort to fully place all the diamonds, so stay focuses and get your work done in one go! As there are more than 100 different pictures, you will have a wide chance of exploring the land and showcase your creativity when it comes to arranging and coordinating colors and patterns.

When there are more pieces showing up with lots of tiles, the number of blocks that need filling will increase to make the levels incredibly challenging. Put your best effort to pick out the right color and place them in an arranged position. This game emphasizes the ability to coordinate hands and eyes, as well as your memory when it comes to color placement and detailing.

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Instruction to play:

Move using WASD or arrow keys.

Use the mouse to zoom in or out.