Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master tests your skills against the sudoku boards with some toughest challenges, even for advanced players. Enjoy the single-player game of Gogy puzzle game as it brings you to the world of classic sudoku in a number of puzzles! Learn the basic rules before hitting the bigger-squared board. Your goal in this game is to input the available numbers into the blank space properly so that each line, column, and mini square contains a set of 1 to 9.

Fill all these 9x9 boards on the field with the number so as to avoid repeating any number in the same column, row, as well as square. Explore the sudoku world from the lowest rank to the upper rank, from beginner to expert set! You can upgrade your problem-solving skills a lot with this number-filled gaming experience. You can pump your ranking as well as your rating on the Leaderboard with a specific Sudoku mastery!

Would you like to train your mind and develop your ultimate logical thinking and focus? There are five different types of difficulties which you will encounter in this game at, but do keep in mind that some of our available hints can help you solve the sudoku.

There is a system for statistics and ranking, as well as daily tasks, so make sure to pay it a visit every day to check them out! In order to arrange the number correctly, make sure to observe the position of the fixed numbers - which are the numbers that have been appearing already on the boards. They can't be moved and you need to place the remaining numbers around them. Do the best you can and don't forget to check out other similar puzzle games like Impulse Ball 2 later! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to play.