Jelly Crush

Matching the jiggling jellies for a fun playtime with Jelly Crush from Gogy 2020 games. This is one of the simple yet entertaining matching games which is loved by kids from all around the world! If you like this category, you are probably familiar with the main theme and the rules. It's all about matching the identical jelly formed the same line. Whenever you locate and pick on a line with more than two jellies, that line will disappear.

There is a limited time range for each level. Also, when you start off with one level, the game features will allow you to know what's your goal for that turn. For example, you will have to collect 12 red jellies and 15 blue jellies to pass over the first task. The higher the level is, the more task and less time you have. Will you crumble under the pressure of time? Just relax and have fun!

All will be fine because you can always try another time for free at It's quite easy to find the two or three-jelly lines, but why don't you challenge yourself a little bit with the four or five? A smart player can even come up with the strategy to push more than three jellies to a line that he or she wants.

It's a really cool game choice with bubbly designs and colorful jellies, each with its own shape and color. Moreover, hilarious sound effects in the background make the game even funnier! Keep trying more matching games like Merge Jewels and Cube Endless Jumping

Instruction to play:

Click on the jellies using the left mouse button.