Love And Treasure Quest

One of the new and popular game themes these days is the interactive game in which the players have to choose the right pin to open up the right path for a character to move. Like Garden escape or others, Love and Treasure Quest from Gogy 2020 will guarantee a good gaming option for fans of this genre. This new option has more than just a classic rule of pulling the pins. Instead, you will have to brainstorm more and find a smart way to get the character to a safe place.

There will be many obstacles, dangers, and threats waiting for you behind these walls, but there will be a safe route for escape. Prepare to start on this knight's adventure and assist the mighty knight in his quest to obtain the treasure. Another crucial task is to save the Princess that he loves, therefore, keep an eye out for any chance of her showing up here and there on different levels. Solving these puzzles will be quite easy at first so that the kids can get used to the gameplay.

Once you are ready, take the time to brainstorm more on a more complex level with more than just 3 or 4 doors. Even if you can escape safely but you can't secure the treasure or it melts, the stage is still incompleted. Your job is to decide the sequence and order of removing the arrows, the bars to trick off a chain of interaction. Spikes, boulders, gas, and other obstacles will kill your three most crucial main characters, so be careful while maneuvering around them.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or tap to pull the pin and cut the rope.