Tiny Diggers

Strategy games are the best choices if you are looking for something to spice up the playtime. This genre is perfect for players who love to play for a long time without worrying about getting bored! The challenges only get more complicated in this game called Tiny Diggers - a fun strategy game just for you!

There are tons of tasks, quizzes, and riddles given in this game in the form of different stages. Only the best players who can command the team of Tiny Diggers will be able to solve the problems and build the infrastructure bigger and bigger! This is a strategy idle game in which you will control the movement and distribution of the characters. You get to choose who does what and controls the powerful equipment to complete the building work.

From collecting the materials to building stairs, digging the new tunnels, filling in the pits, skydiving, and many more, your team of workers will be the team to carry them out. These workers are excellent at what they do, but they need guidance to avoid losing the way or getting lost while digging. Can you help them accomplish the objective of getting to the destination? There will be a set filled with different commands and tons of actions showing up at the bottom of the game screen for you to choose from. Select the appropriate action for each worker and you will see the commands highlighted up.

Make sure that you do the commands in the correct order and before the time runs out! A whole collection of 3 worlds dividing into 35 levels will be quite a collection for the newbies, but we guarantee that you will have a blast as you progress in this game Gogy 2021! Will you be able to compete for the top spot in other strategy games such as Pixelcraft Differences

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the commands.