Pull'em All

If you are searching for another fun interactive game from Gogy game 4 kids, this new option of Pull'em All online game will be challenging enough to keep your brain working and relaxing enough to keep you striving for the final result. Find your balance when being put into the tough position of pulling out this magical sword! In order to successfully extract the sword from the stone, you will need to keep pulling hard and strong from the beginning to the end.

Using the necessary force is one thing, but another crucial point of this game will be to learn when to cool down to avoid failing. As there is a limitation on how long your character can keep pulling before he breaks the arms or legs. Do your best to estimate the total force as well as choose the perfect moment to push and pull.

If you don't rest enough or stop pulling when the character is losing force, he will drop the sword and fail the mission! Bear in mind that the longer you pull, the higher the chance you will break your character, therefore, choose a suitable tactic and strategy for winning faster. It's a new game focusing on interactive features and the io graphics experience to bring more unique gaming adventures to our beloved players!

Don't forget to upgrade the list of boosters and additional support that might increase the power of your character to the maximum within a short time! Feel free to challenge yourself and enhance the ability to crack harder missions with more io games like Dino Grass Island from the list of Gogy as they are all free games suitable for you to share with your family! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse and move it to hold the object.