The Smurfs Village Cleaning

The latest task for you here at The Smurfs Village Cleaning - the new Gogy free game is to conquer the fight against the dirt that a bad guy has left behind. The goal is to not only take on the challenge of cleaning up the mess of one smurf but also to bring back the amazing cleanliness for the villagers. As one of the smurf's yellow and red wrapped gift boxes broke, tons of wrapped gift boxes and ribbons are scattered everywhere in the village.

Since all the houses of the smurfs are covered with soil, they can no longer stay there. Let's start the cleaning mission and help out with the task to make this village squeaky clean again! First, clear out the trashes on the street and around the houses. Once it's done, you need to conquer the harder mission of cleaning the objects in every house around the village.

There is a lot of cleaning as the village is covered in dirt and soot, however, with your skills in cleaning, the village, and its infrastructure, as well as furniture, will soon become clean again. If you can, repair the broken tables and get a new decoration to make the chests look brand new! Some rooftops have become awful, dusty, and filled with dirt as well, so keep an eye on them.

It takes quite some effort to bring the village back to its original place with its freshness and beauty, however, together, you can do anything with the smurfs! Enjoy the unadorned gameplay and intense graphics while completing the tasks one by one here at The collection from our website is updated periodically with tons of new choices and a variety of genres for you to freely take your picks, such as Heroball Run.


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to control the character.