Idle Merge City

Idle Merge City is all about making the best city from scratch and inputting a lot of houses for redeeming the money. The more land you manage to expand in this game of Gogy puzzle games 2023, the more chances you will have to build houses. These assembled houses are the key to generating money and gathering the coins that they produce. Each house type has a specific range and limit of coins that it can produce.

Any house that you put on your city map will be a source of income as it auto-generates coins after it has been fully built. You will need to find the ones with similar types and merge them in order to create new ones. If your house gets bigger, it will generate a higher production of money.

The same mechanism applies to the extension or advancement of house decoration. Make it more beautiful to increase the capacity. It's an idle game that allows players to freely input any house that they want and slowly enjoy the process of earning the money using this city. Keep an eye out for two identical houses and keep merging constantly to guarantee your progress.

The theme of this game is easy to understand, yet the fascinating gameplay will keep you hooked for a long time. More house types will be unlocked once you get to a certain point in the game, so be prepared to explore the list! How many houses can you add at once? Why don't you test out your management skill and business mind with this game at Don't forget about some other popular games from the same collection such as Flower Sorting!


Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse to choose the houses, place them, or match them.