Birds Hex Jigsaw

How good are your arranging skills when it comes to dealing with these unique pieces of hexagon puzzles? Join this game of Birds Hex Jigsaw from Gogy 2022 to complete the toughest yet adorable sets of puzzles with the main theme as the lovely birds! Not only will it bring a different flavor of classical jigsaw game to you but it's also quite a challenge for the fans of arranging games.

Your goal for all stages will be to arrange the given hexagonal pieces of a picture in order to recreate the original picture. These forming pieces have been scattered here and there, with tons of details that required matching. Feel free to choose among the two available modes of 14 pieces or 22 pieces and conquer it! A total of 24 levels are inside each pack of game modes so that no matter which one you pick, you can freely explore the game for a long time!

As the game comes with a time limit for each puzzle, you need to think quickly and move the pieces aggressively to make sure that you can recreate the original frame as soon as possible. Moreover, since the pieces are in the shape of a hexagon, it might take more time for players to match the right corners to the next pieces. Rotate the pieces if required so that you can get a perfect direction for matching.

Pay attention and use the given hints to conquer the game in your recorded time! Let's showcase your hidden talents for puzzles and jigsaws with other gaming options such as Alchemy or Mini Coins, all available without any costs. Our free world of gaming at welcomes everyone who loves to play online games! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to choose the pieces and move them.