Happy Hopper

Happy Hopper will make your playtime much more interesting with these constantly moving reels and floating fruits! This game is all about jumping at the right timing to stick to the next axis position to roll around and gather more and more fruits. Not only will this Gogy new online game of Happy Hopper be your new addictive game thanks to the amazing platforms but it's also a highly rated game from the new game list.

Like other games from our website, this one is also available for free to allow kids of all age to get access to it anytime, anywhere. Your goal in this game is to do your best to jump over the spinning platforms and land on the next one successfully. The main character has the ability to stick to any reels that it lands on, so your job is to aim properly to avoid falling.

It's crucial to control your jump timing because one second can lead to misaim and fall to the ground. Try to collect all the fruit by landing on all reels and grab them! A tip for new players is that you can try and determine the pace or direction of the reels before choosing to jump, because the rotation of the wheels change quickly.

Once you fall to the ground, you have to restart and all the records get removed. It's not an easy feat to control the character on the reels, but you will have fun with this hilarious gameplay and a total of 6 challenging levels for free at https://gogy.games/! Lower your stress level after such a long day with more relaxing games like Chess Move 2 or Farming 10x10, with a diversity in genres and gameplay!

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Click the left button or tap on the screen to jump when it's a good timing.