Commandos Vs Zombies

In Commandos Vs Zombies, we are looking for the best commander who can come up with the smartest strategy to place the soldiers on the battlefield. If you love zombies fighting type of games, this Gogy new game 2019 will be a great choice for you! The rule is so simple yet the moment you start playing it, it will get more and more addictive. Your job is to choose the suitable soldiers and put them on the right line to shoot down the approaching zombies.

We recommend that you should aim carefully. You can put the soldiers on the perfect line where their bullets can reach the zombies. If you failed to estimate the line, it will be a waste of resources. However, your resource is limited, therefore, you should wait until the soldiers have been replenished before choosing them again. This means that the players need to have their own strategy to make the most out of the limited soldiers.

You will start off with only 3 types of soldiers for the few first levels. By completing the tasks on each level, you will unlock more soldiers with new functions like archery, bombs, and explosives for the later stages. This game at brings a thrilling experience of the fast-paced battles.

Try your best to defeat the zombies without failing! Only by finishing the tasks on each level will you be able to continue on this journey. After this game, why don't you have fun with other choices like Rebel Attack Shooter and Zombie Typing too? 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to place the soldiers.