Icy Purple Head 3: Super Slide

Winter has come to Gogy land: Icy Purple Head 3: Super Slide and it's a perfect condition for sliding down the ice slope! Embark on this winter adventure without any worries as we provide a detailed tutorial for any player who hasn't tried this one out before. As the temperature is very low and the snow is thick, Purple Head is trying to enjoy the adventure of his own! He has a special ability to change the shape from an ice cube to a normal state.

When he is in normal shape, he sticks to the platform and will not accidentally move or slide off. As you change his shape into an ice cube, he will be able to slide down the platform. Enjoy the fun of transforming, sliding, and capturing special items of winter on the way in this game online! There are many different safety lines, once you cross one, the next one will be unlocked. You control your character's movement using the mouse cursor with the simplest mechanism, but be careful before making any move.

Once you click, the character instantly moves forward. The game consists of 30 separate stages, each with its checkpoint and layout. The final gate of exit is placed on stage 30 behind many layers of obstacles, so prepare yourself. Once you passed one checkpoint, you will be able to respawn at that latest checkpoint.

Use the form switching wisely and timely to finish the adventure at http://gogy.games/ with the highest results and scores. Other options such as Cerkio might be a bit different in gameplay, but they will be fun options for playtime nonetheless. 

Instruction to play:

How to control Purple head: Click and hold the left button to slide, release to return to the normal form.