Fortnite Nerf Battle

Keep up with the task of defeating the enemies forces in Fortnite Nerf Battle, our new fun shoot 'em up games from Gogy kid games 2019! With the huge collection of Nerf guns as your weapons, you can show off your ability to shoot down all the approaching soldiers. Their goals are to penetrate into your fort, therefore, no matter what you do, don't let too many Nerfs bypass your gate.

This means your mission is to shoot at each and every one of the enemies on this field. Can you see the Stat bars on the bottom of the screen? The energy shows the amount of energy that your character has left, while the Nerf statistics show the number of enemies that manage to overcome you.

Beware of these two elements to keep track of the game progress at! While you are shooting them, pay attention to the goodies on the ground in order to gather the valuable ones. These chests have items inside which can be used to update your character and firepower. All in all, the players need good flexibility to move across the large field and shoot down the bad guys that are coming for you!

Let's see how many characters you can unlock within the shortest time range. For the fans of this type of games, why don't you try out other good games like Sniper Clash 3D and Legend Street Fighter

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to control the character's moves.