Dotted Girl Wedding

Celebrate the wedding for the couple in Dotted Girl Wedding - a new gogy unblocked games and showcase your ability to organize, arrange the tasks, and create the most beautiful makeup for the bride! Louis and Marie are getting married to celebrate their long love and start a new life together, and they need a wedding planner to help them out. You will be carrying out the wedding in their dream and do all preparations, ranging from makeup, choosing dresses, and setting up.

Our goal is to arrange a magnificent wedding that is beautiful and also has a good harmony in terms of different elements. First, start the game with the makeup job in which you will transform the look for Marie. From eyeshadows, lipstick, lipline, eyeliner, and other items, use them properly to create a soft and gentle look, or a lady-like theme if you are going for that. Braide her hair or loosely tuck it in a veil for a sophisticated look.

Don't forget to pick out the lovely wedding dress for the bride in one of the three color options: pink, white, or lilac. Use the color scheme to set up harmony between the makeup and the dress for the best look! The bouquet will be the last touch to finish her glorious image for the big day here at!

The last part of your preparation shall be to prepare the groom for this event by going through the options for hairstyle, as well as a suit. Do you know that turquoise-blue is Louis's favorite color for a suit? Once the groom's outfit has finished with a boutonniere in the matching color, let's hit the wedding and do the ceremony! Would you like to dive into more fashion games and girl games online such as Funny Camping Day with your besties?

Instruction to play:

Instructions: play with the mouse cursor.