Cursed Treasure 2

Be ready for this tower-defense game of Cursed Treasure 2 from Gogy online where the most powerful evil forces are on your hand to control! This time, protect your precious gems using evil forces! You can easily build towers, upgrade the defensive line, cast more mighty spells, and carry out anything you want to keep the gems safe. As the power of darkness is at your fingertips now, raze the kingdom and put your magical gems safely hidden away.

Be prepared to make use of the power so that you can defeat the other army coming for them. Learn the mechanism of fights and battles to conquer any that you encounter, regardless of the monsters involved in those fights. Don't forget that the assembling and building of powerful towers along the inward paths will be the key to destroying any hero that gets too close. Do you have what it takes to control three powerful tower types and take advantage of their unique characteristics fully? A total of 21 levels will bring you to enjoy the mayhem with some scary stages in the Night Mode! Ability points are what help you improve the spells and power.

Once you have progressed far enough, there will be a wide variety of enemies coming to claim the spot, so be prepared to utilize tricky powers. Enjoy the vibrant and elaborated game session in this gaming choice now at l and keep going with other harder arcade games like Butterfly Shimai and Mini Swim! There's no other complex storyline that is addictive and so fun like this new game, we encourage you to try it out soon! 

Instruction to play:

Use keys 1-3 to build objects, W and E keys to cast the spells,

spacebar for 3x speed, and enter to move to the next wave.