Pogo Gun Pogo

Pogo Gun Pogo is the frantic arcade-style game which you can play on gogy games online for free. This is a car game where you must race to travel as far as you can while avoiding various obstacles. Control your car to jump from a platform to another one safely and make many beautiful flips in the air.

Do you think that you are a professional driver with the good ability to overcome many types of challenges and conquer the hard track in this game? Your car is moving toward automatically and you just have to control your vehicle jump at the right time to avoid falling out of the track. There is a river under the road, so if you fall out of the road, you lose your life immediately in gogy interesting games.

The space between 2 platforms is different, so you must take a careful look and make a jump with the suitable distance. The height of the platforms is also different. Thus, act wisely to land on another platform safely. You can destroy many stones but when seeing the gears with spikes, you need to avoid touching them or your car will be damaged. Jump high and flip your way through the ever-changing landscape. The game becomes harder the further you progress, attempt to go as far as you can to set a record.


Don’t forget to collect all the gold coins on the platforms and in the air for bonus points. As you gain enough money, you can purchase new characters. We prepare you a collection of interesting characters including cars, animals, food and so on.

We are so thankful for your assessment and feedback. Please tell your buddies about this game and challenge them. Join us on http://gogy.games/ for more games such as Monster Truck: Beginning and Toy Car Simulator.

Instruction to play:

Use left mouse button to jump.