Zentangle Coloring Book

Awake your childhood love with this new coloring game of Zentangle Coloring Book - the Gogy game 4 kids with one of the best zen coloring features. This is a great option if you are looking for a new game that not only helps to calm the nerves after a long day at work or school but also develops the brain's capability to solve the toughest puzzles. You can try out the new colors, but make sure that you can finish the objective of meeting the original coloring in the zentangle.

For each level, the players will be tackling a different frame that requires filling in. Depending on the shape and the filling of the frame, the number of pieces will be different. The players will find that most of the drawings in this style will consist of plenty of similarly repeating patterns for the overall frame. The multiple patterns are combined and mixed to generate one drawing.

You can freely fill in the color intuitively to conquer the features. Enjoy the meditativeness and arrangement of these repeating patterns for a relaxing experience that is both enjoyable and creative. The main figure that you will find in this game from https://gogy.games/ is the figure of owls. As they are the basic frame of most images, do your best to coordinate the colors of pieces to create the prettiest owls.

Feel free to look forward to this perfect gaming selection for both children and adults during entertainment time. Plenty of new games with diverse styles of puzzles and coloring themes such as Zen Cube 3D or Odd Elimination will be at the tips of your finger for exploration and meditation. Keep exploring the zen world and share the spirit with other friends in this game! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to color the frames.