It's already Christmas night, so our Santa is in a rush to deliver his presents to the lovely kids at Gogy land. Help him out in this fast-paced winter game called Santabalt for an interesting running time that is endless! The main character will keep running until when you fail to help him hop over a chimney, fall a gap or hit an obstacle. The main goal is to assist Santa in collecting gifts and reaching each house for delivery.

The only movement that you can control is to make Santa jump at your desired timing. Moreover, his speed will just get faster and faster, therefore, you should avoid the gap along the road smoothly to make sure that he can continue his important business.

Of course, the more gifts you can collect and the further you reach, the higher your rank will be. Some of the best players are from all around the world with different strategies and techniques. Will yours also help you to gain a top spot on the Leaderboard in this game at

The game comes alive thanks to the 2D pixel graphics and cute design, which attract the attention of boys and girls of all ages. Don't forget about the cute background music that stirs up the holiday spirit as well! Enjoy your winter wonderland with more thrilling missions such as Ball Wall and Duck Shooter

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to jump.