Yummy Super Burger

The favorite food of yours is the main dish in Yummy Super Burger - the Gogy new game 4 kids! You will take over the role of a super chef who is ready to prepare to cook for lots of customers in town. Since everybody likes your burger joint, you will have to control the time, manage the stall and make sure that you can complete all the steps that make a good burger.

First, prepare the ingredients as shown in the recipe. Keep in mind that each customer will have a special order that you need to follow since each burger is different in terms of taste and look. Whether it's the difference in sauces or toppings, one slight mistake will anger your customers and you will not be getting any money from the hard work. Start from grilling the buns to stacking up the salad, pickles to huge meatloaf to create the most delicious and mouth-watering burger.

Don't forget about the ketchup, hot sauce, and the mustard that go on top of it to tie every flavor together! Time is of the essence because if you let your customers wait for too long, they will leave and have no money for you. Continue the daily work until when you hit the benchmark or target for each day and go on with more customers and a bigger place later!

Feel free to use the gained coins to purchase new furniture, upgrade your kitchen tools and open up the restaurant to gain more in this cooking game from Gogy games! The players get to learn lots of new recipes to improve their cooking techniques with gaming options such as Jump Bunny Jump or Impostor.io with the family and friends from home.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys:

Click and drag the mouse to interact and cook.