Basket Battle

Bring your basketball skills to test in this Gogy new game of Basket Battle where the ability to precisely hit the basket and perform the most successful throws will be the key elements to winning! Controlling the pitcher will be your main task in this basketball match. For each stage, the goal is to make sure that you get three balls into the basket before your opponent does.

The other player will try to block your movement on the field as well as your throw, therefore, carry your ball with carefulness while crossing the field. The path to reach the other side's basket will not be easy when you are facing another professional player. Don't lose your ball into the other player's hand because they will get a chance to counterattack. Get into the way of your opponent who is claiming the ball and move fast to get it back!

Make sure to change your lanes constantly and move to throw the ball into the basket to complete 3 throws as soon as possible. Multiple methods and styles of playing can be shown here in this game from the gaming website of, so demonstrate a few of your personal skills to throw the ball in more sports games like Football Master!

Learn the rules and basics of this virtual basketball match from the in-game tutorial and insert some of your unique styles to win it within the shortest time frame! The Leaderboard will be filled with the highest-scored players among the bunch, as well as the ones who can demonstrate the combos while dunking into the baskets. It's a new chance to dive into professional basketball practice sessions online without having to leave your home! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse and move it to interact with the balls.