Dead Zed

Dead Zed brings the realistic experience of shooting down the zombies and making sure that none of them can reach your base. This is one of the latest games from the Halloween game collection at Gogy land to keep the players entertained with the scary and thrilling vibe for this occasion. Your job is to cooperate with the teammates, organize search parties to search all nook and cranny for survivors as well as new weapons, and retreat safely before anything bad happens.

In order to gather your group and repair your safehouse, you will need to keep an eye out for the approaching zombies. They come one by one and not in waves, so this allows you to aim and shoot from a far distance. The key elements to making out of this game alive are to stay sharp, not to panic, and use your gained weapons smartly. Keep in mind that you have a team to manage, therefore, utilize any resources that you have to win as fast as possible.

The game includes the best 3D graphics along with amazing shooting mechanics. You will also be wowed by the diversity of weapons that you might find along the way and around the map. There is a variety of zombies that are ready to grab you and your teammates any second, so beware and steer clear of them. In this game at, survivor management will play a crucial role in carrying out a search party and making sure that it's successful. Are you ready to roll into this game despite the day and night mode?

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Instruction to play:

Click on the left mouse and drag to aim and shoot the zombies.