Save The Monster

Instruction to play:

Inside the frame of 3x3 blocks, we need the best players to decide which block to move to next as you will be in charge of making sure the monsters in Save The Monster can land on the safe tile! This is a fast-paced Gogy online game with thrilling sensations and the best gameplay if you are looking for something good to compete with your friends and fulfill the urge for a new adventure!

In this puzzle and arcade game, the work of controlling the monster will be the main theme for the players. You need to move it from one block to another while dodging the upcoming missiles. These missiles don't appear in a specific order, yet it shows up randomly from time to time with strange patter. Stay focus on the upcoming missiles to know their placements and positions so that you can dodge them on time.

Not only is this one mission for this game but this puzzle game will also require that you collect the gold coins. Like the missiles, you can never know where these coins will show up. They pop up randomly and change the location when you finish capturing one. The rockets are the main issues, so stay alerted and hop right when you see a new one approaching.

With ten successful coins collected, you will get a bomb from the monster which can be used to destroy the rockets to clear the path. The longer you play, the more experience with avoiding rockets you will gain. Collect the coins to win the best scores of this game from! Other fun games with similar themes and unique gameplay like Rope Bawling will be good choices for your playtime as well!

Instructions: Drag the mouse towards the left, right, up, down direction to move on the board.