Coloron takes the training session of your ability to make decisions under pressure to another level. Not only will you need to control the column but you also need to keep track of the movement and the color of the default bouncing ball. You can go through the rules of the game with the tutorial in this Gogy free game. There will be one ball that keeps on bouncing from one column to another in this arcade game.

Your mission is to set the bar and make it match the color of the ball. The speed of the game will increase slowly to make it much more challenging and improve your decision-making ability in an interesting and fun way. Once you set the start button, the ball will start bouncing immediately from one column to another.

The players can gain scores by keeping the ball bouncing with the correct-colored column. Since the ball moves quite fast and it changes colors automatically every time it touches a column, you will need more than just a good eye to keep track of it. A score is given for each successful turn, however, maintaining the streak for a long time will be quite a challenge for the newcomers. Such a short time frame and short interval will be the things that make the game much more challenging and difficult to react fast enough.

With a few trials and failures, you will get the experience to know when to change the color of the column. Will you be able to break the old records and set the new ones with this fun ball bouncing game at Other equally enjoyable games like Mummy Candies will also satisfy the toughest players and provide an option for the fun time without any cost! 

Instruction to play:

Left mouse to change the color of the ball.