Blocks Sliding Tetriz

Blocks Sliding Tetriz will be a new addition to your favorite list of games thanks to its classic gameplay that resembles the original Tetris game. However, in this Gogy new game, the players can look forward to harder rules, more challenging pieces of the puzzle, and a bigger collection of levels for your enjoyment. It takes no time to join in this game as there is no registering. Join as a guest if you like and the game will still calculate as well as recording your results.

The rule is a little bit different from the original Tetris. You will have to move the existing blocks by dropping them from left to right and vice versa. The goal is to fill a complete row of blocks so as to automatically remove them from the full grid. There are no blocks dropping down from the top of the board like before. Instead, the players have to work with the blocks that have already been placed randomly inside the frame.

Choose from the existing list only and make your magic. Keep in mind that only by choosing the most suitable blocks can you fit in one line and make it full. Be creative with your arrangement! This type of puzzle will test your ability to solve the problem using only the limited given tools and will improve your intelligence significantly. The more rows you manage to clear at a time, the higher your gained score will be.

It's one of the famous games from a long list in where you can find the best games like Impossible 13 and Pull Rocket with just one tap. Would you take on this journey and solve the puzzles for the best record? 

Instruction to play:

Drag and drop by touching a touchscreen or using the mouse to play this game.