Viking Dragon

Welcome to join a great game genre that you have never participated in. This is a free online adventure game Viking Dragon at Gogy strategy games for which you do not have to pay anything. You will control your character with dragons appearing in a forest. Your goal is to finish safely. But it's hard because around you are all the obstacles. Bats, very fancy monsters appear in this forest and it wants to destroy you. Including the cannibal flowers. You need to avoid everything.

Unfortunately, these deadly pitfalls appear so close together and so many. How can you go through these tiny gaps? This depends on your wisdom. Please watch because obstacles in the forest are moving very fast. You just need to be a little slow and you'll have to stop the game. Get your reflexes fast and take your character skillfully with your safety. Concentration is a necessity. Hitting any object will cause you to stop the game. Isn't this terrible?

The first balls are moving let's go to safety. But don't venture into this forest. Be very careful is the best thing. Can you reach the end of this path? I believe you have the skills; you will be able to win everything. Collect red diamonds to help you get a high score. Unlock a cool graphic design, fun sound to receive right from the first time participating. The challenges behind are waiting for you to unlock Viking Dragon at Do not hesitate but recommend the game to your friends.

With your friends join now on the game to be able to together start a war with giant monsters in the jungle. Why do not you allow yourself to participate in some other similar games Protect Red Indian Man and Zombie Wave Again 

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move the dragon.