Tornado Giant Rush

It's nothing strange that not only the strongest among these tornadoes will be your ultimate winner, but also the fastest. Enjoy this new game from Gogy 2023: Tornado Giant Rush filled with a fast-paced environment, a thrilling platform, and more cool movement. The goal of this game will be to slide your chosen tornado toward the finish line and try to be the first to reach it. Upon crashing with other tornadoes, if you win, your tornadoes will become larger and larger.

However, in the event of your failure, you will lose contact with different colors of tornadoes, which cause them to become smaller, until they diminish and disappear. Instead of causing havoc over the town or capturing items like other destruction games, you will participate in a race between tornadoes here. Find your path through these uncountable blocks which pop up in a variety of colors. Also, pay attention to the gate's colors because your tornado transforms its color upon colliding with the gate.

Try to find plenty of blocks of the same color to increase the size of your tornado. However, keep in mind that the ultimate objective is to cross the finish line and bypass all obstacles. The size of the tornado is just a smaller element contributing to your final score ranks at the end of the trip. This gameplay isn't too bad and it's just as addictive as any other popular choices like Break N Bounce and Mahjong Fish Connect here ! Additional items will be helpful for making your lane-changing moves smoother, as well as adding a touch of boosters to uplift your tornado's power. Continue more journeys with racing games and dashing through multiple platforms alongside your virtual opponents for fun!


Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse by dragging and clicking to move the tornado.