Dragon Slayer FPS

Take control in a land of cacti and fight for it. The game Dragon Slayer FPS at Gogy free will bring you many great things that you have never had before. Start now to have a lot of experience. You will use your weapon and on a snowy land. Your goal in this game is to kill all the opponents who are behind and lurking everywhere.

A very sudden appearance is exactly what they are trying to do. Because then you will not be able to respond quickly. But I do believe that with your skills, be observant and be very accurate in your aim. Kill all the dragons lurking everywhere. Break all the big ice sheets and destroy them.

Don’t let us get close to you this is so bad you'll end the game here. How many dragons can you shoot and kill? Perform the most dangerous and agile actions. Skillfully destroy everything carefully in your every step. An extremely fierce battle as long as you are slow and there will be no chance of winning in this game. Let’s fight with all our might and fight bravely. A gloomy setting will make you feel extremely adventurous.

Start enjoying a few more great things when coming to the game Dragon Slayer FPS at http://gogy.games/. It will be fun when you share this dragon fighting game for your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to be able to defeat all evil and ferocious dragons together. Experience a few other similar game genres like Zombie Wave Again and Viking Dragon 

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to be able to shoot, WASD keys or arrow keys to be able to move.