Donhoop Stack

Among these colorful donuts that are scattered and mixed up on the stick, how can you separate and rearrange them? This new game of Donhoop will test your ultimate puzzling skills here at Gogy 2023 new game. However, instead of solving simple jigsaws or puzzles, you will be working on these sticks filled with donut pieces. Learn how to line up the colored donuts, separated by colors.

You will need to lift the donuts on the top of the stick and choose to move them anywhere you want. As long as you achieve the final goal of keeping the donuts with similar colors on the same pole, you will win. Just grab one of the donuts on the top of the filled sticks and move it to another empty stick on the board or a same-color donut stick. Continue to do this repeatedly until you achieve the final goal.

It's a game of fun, with colorful graphics, lively designs, and the easiest control key sets ever! Feel free to share this addictive gameplay with your family, and friends, and enjoy the fun of comparing your final record to the other players online! If you haven't found out the way to clear out the donut stick arrangement, keep retrying and play until when you get the gist of it.

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Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse, hold, and drag to move the donuts.