Pac Xon

Unlock this modern version of Pac Xon with not only the classic gameplay of Pacman but also some new challenges and different gaming layout that will keep you hooked for a long time! This Gogy arcade action game is available for free and there's no restriction on how many times you can replay after each turn! Grab a friend and share this familiar game to have fun with easy levels at first. Once you are stepping foot on the new quest, making it out alive through the stages and unlocking the levels will be a bit harder.

Can you see your opponent's character moving around the maze? Do whatever it takes to prevent contact with them. One collision with the opponents will end your game for sure. The goal is to keep expanding the territory, consuming more food pieces, and isolating your opponents to win. A limited number of lives are given to you, so move with care to retain as many chances as possible! Keep an eye out for loads of new games being added on a daily basis here on the free collection at

Start by roaming the smaller section and expand to the larger lands or territories once you have gained enough scores and passed the limited area of the game. Since the difficulty of the game increase significantly, you need to beware of the fast-paced opponents. The more rewards and boosters you have, the more chances you have to immobilize them. If you can even use superior mobility skills, you can even increase your winning chances more and more. Would you like to see if other running and arcade platform games like Bucket Crusher or Knight In Hell can entertain and keep you hooked as well?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse click and keyboard to move and interact.