Pancake Tower 3D

Pancake Tower 3D from Gogy land will let you experience the most satisfying task of stacking the pancakes on the top of this plate and advance to the end of the road! Grab the plate, move along the lines and collect not only the pancakes but also the delicious fruits as toppings for the plate. There will be more than just delicious pancakes that you can find on your platform.

Fruit pieces like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries are scattered around the place. Do your best to grab the most without tumbling down. Once your plate has become a bit high, you will find the work of maneuvering it through the obstacles harder as the height will cover the obstacles. Make sure to dodge the trap and gluttons, as well as spikes on the road that can knock the pancakes down.

Let's see how many pancakes you can get through the long journey and reach the final stack. The height of pancakes shall decide your combo points and bonuses. The players get the multiplying point that their stack of pancakes falls onto. Are you ready for this beautiful and colorful 3D graphics and intuitive interface that kids of all ages can enjoy? Not only is it a good option to explore during the weekend but you can also revisit the game anytime you want!

As long as you have a stable internet connection, hit the game and set more records. The record for each turn is kept separately so you don't need to worry about resuming the game progress. Continue to explore the other 3D games for free such as Your Favorite Royal Couple, with no cost and tons of mini-missions for you on our gaming website of gogy games

Instruction to play:

Swipe the mouse or swipe the screen on mobiles and tablets to move the plate.