Master Fall Down

Take advantage of the physics to make your shot more accurate in this Gogy fun game of Master Fall Down! If you are looking for a game with a trendy theme and fast-paced gameplay, this game will easily be a suitable option for you. As it's a shooting game, participants will be required to learn how to control the weapon, aim precisely, and shoot to destroy enemies.

The fewer shots you use, the more scores you will gain thanks to the high efficiency and great precision in your previous shots. One missed hit will reduce your chance of winning the game faster. Learn how to control the given pistol and take advantage of the available obstacles to ricochet the bullets. The bullets shall bounce back and hit the other items once it comes into contact with the wall and random obstacles.

Not only can you use the shooting force to hit the opponents but you can also take advantage of the physical elements such as the gravity and the bounce force to maximize your damage range. Don't leave any masters standing at the end of the stage or else you can't claim the top spot of the game.

Once you progressed through the levels, more weapons shall be unlocked along with brand new updates available in the store for you to grab. Enjoy your fun time with this game at and get on with more challenges like Run Fighter Girl later! You can freely emerge into the amazing animation and cartoon to spice up the shooting game experience with this new option and share the spirit with more friends or family! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to aim and shoot or play using the touchpad for mobiles and tablets.