Slope Extra

How good are your ball-rolling skills when it comes to a fast-paced game such as Slope Extra? This is one of the latest adds to the game list at Gogy kid game where you can freely explore, whether it's an arcade, action game base, or a girl game. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay embedded in this great ball-rolling game and figure out your path that will lead the ball quickly.

As the main goal of this game is to avoid obstacles on sloping ramps and maneuver the balls with the most precise direction and speed, you will need to be prepared to tackle more and more difficult challenges when you reach higher progress. Not only will you get to emerge in one of the greatest ball-rolling games with endless motion but you can also enhance your skills in choosing the direction and the timing.

Controlling the direction as well as the rolling of a ball might take effort, however, as soon as you master the basics and grasp the understanding of this game, this will soon be a piece of cake for you! The accelerating of the ball speed shall be the most problematic issue for newbies, but this can be efficient controlling when you manage to locate the farthest checkpoints.

Avoid colliding or encountering other obstacles on the path to avoid being held back. Keep in mind that there will be more chances of exploring the other route for escaping the obstacles in other similar-themed games such as Catch That Cat or Underwater World, all available without a dime at How fast will you be able to collect the scattered items for boosting your scores? 

Instruction to play:

Control the ball's direction using the mouse cursor.

For mobile, steer the ball using the touchpad.